After Graduation Rant

Posted by Christy on July 1, 2010 at 11:37 PM

At first I was really really excited for graduation ever since September, but as it gets closer the more I want to stay at Brighouse. Many people had told me "Graduation, big deal." But I don't know why I got all emtional when it was close to occuring...


Maybe I can hate the teachers at times, but at the same time I love them greatly. I was not a very good student infact I'm not even close to being good. I never hand in work on time and I rarely put in any effort in my work. Strangely, the teachers I had at Brighouse still had hope in me. In grade 6 I was close to being expelled, because I faked my mom's signature. But my teacher talked me out of it. This year I wasn't very great either, as usual I don't put in any effort etc. But my teacher told me to have hope and inprove my habits.


I pnly stayed at Brighouse for two years but those two years were so magnificent. All those laughs I laughed. all those people I smiled to, all those jokes I laughed, all those tears I shed... Brighouse would stay forever in my heart.


I'm  sure we all want to stay forever young, nobody wants to grow up. It's not a choice. We have to move on. I could remember just like yesterday I entered elementary not knowing how to read out a lot of letters, now I'm graduating... Time sure flies when you're having a good time.


Keep smiling graduates, hold back your tears and live happily.

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